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Why white iPhone 4 is thicker?

It turns out we were all wrong yesterday and the white iPhone launch was not all great after all. As disappointed users point out, the long awaited white version is a fraction thicker than the black one. white iphone 4 After all the difference is really small as seen on this comparison photo. Well, the issues come when you try and slip some protective casing on the whitey. In other words, some tight iPhone 4 cases won't fit on a white unit.

6 Designer iPhone Cases

1. Gameboy iphone case gameboy If you are lucky like those who in the 90's had the opportunity to play on games console of Nintendo, you should not have trouble putting this cover on your ultra-modern and fashion iphone. 2. Wood inlay iphone case wood If you're one of those people who are really into design and use your phone not only as a "headset", but also as a fashion accessory, the tree cover is for you. 3. Cover of book iphone case blue If you feel hand made things are good in your hands, why not try to do a cover of an old book. Simple, elegant, stylish, fun. 4. Phone with washer iphone case green If

iPhone 3GS in Parts

Thanks to the midnight premiere of the iPhone 3G S in France, Rapid Repair already published material, which tell how the device is disconnected and show us pictures of its parts. Of them we can understand that the phone processor is a work of Samsung (S5PC100) and not only at frequency 600MHz is 1.5 times faster than that in the iPhone 3G, but the architecture is based on the ARM Cortex A8. iphone 3gs in parts iphone 3gs in parts iphone 3gs in parts

iPhone 3GS

iphone 3gs Quite expected, minutes ago from the stage of WWDC 2009 Apple announced the next iPhone carrying the name iPhone 3GS (S is for speed). Speed! faster than the previous generation. For example - the sending of messages is 2.1 times faster; SimCity - 2.4x; 3.6x to load a document from excel attachment, loading a large site in Safair - 2.9h Camera! iphone 3gs camera • 3MP; • Auto focus, auto exposure, auto white balance; • It will be enough to touch any point on the screen to focus on the relevant subject. Change the white balance in motion; • Macro and mode for shooting in low light objects; • VIDEO - 30 fps VGA with automatic focus, white balance and exposure; • Processing of the video with the press of the finger and spread it via MMS, e-mail, MobileMe and YouTube; Link Maintenance of 7.2 Mbps HSDPA standard! Chart Hardware

First Screen Images of the Next iPhone

Dates around which we expect the next iPhone to be releasing are nearing but at the same time there is growing impatience of the curious. Especially given that with iPhone and the market expect the premier of the new Palm Pre, which we are particularly curious. Meanwhile, in Internet appeared pictures of some of the developments which rely to see in iPhone 3.0. In particular, it's digital compass, automatic focus camera, the shooting of videos and indicator of battery condition. iphone screen iphone screen iphone screen iphone screen

Solid Gold iPhone for $30,000

Uniquely designed and crafted by Stuart Hughes. It took four proficient craftsmen including Stuart Hughes months of detailed intricate work to re-create the original body of the iphone in solid gold all of which was started and finished by hand with 53 VVS1 diamonds housed in the 22ct Apple logo. The result was outstanding even down to the precise polishing to reveal its most beautiful harmonious appearance. Price - 22,995.00 pounds solid gold iphone

iPhone 4G concept

It does look very nice indeed, with the design more angular than the current version (square is the new round according to many designers), and an improved camera and more standard memory. iphone 4g concept # Titanium and Glass with an OLED screen # Front camera for iChat # Removable battery # 3.2 Megapixel camera # 32 GB