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What specifications and features a good photo editing software must have?

photo editor Photography is an art to seize the beautiful moments of life & nature into photographs. Carving these photos for a perfect finish requires a photo editor. A good photo editor facilitates in making a photograph nothing less to perfect. Photo editing becomes a lot much easier with powerful editors from providers like movavi. They provide easy to use photo editors than don’t need any professional editing skills to use. Using photosuite, a photo editing software by movavi, an amateur can edit photographs that seem highly professional. Good effects add a glimmer to the photographs. A good photo editing software provides various effects that can be applied to a photograph. Operations like resizing and cropping a photograph can be performed professionally with these editors. Apart from that, one can also fix the contrast, white balance and brightness of the pictures by just a single tool which automatically

What’s New in iOS 6

iosApple, in particular Scott Forstall presented new iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. The biggest changes are two. The first is Apple Maps. The rumors proved true and Apple is already offering its map service on account of previously used Google Maps. Available navigation, Siri integration and 3D visualization. In recent years, Apple bought three mapping companies: Placebase, Poly9 and C3 Technologies. Second big change is the integration of Facebook. After seeing with Twitter integration in iOS 5, came the biggest social network. iOS users can log into your Facebook profile, your contacts are synchronized as events and birthdays. (more…)

Apple announce iOS 6 at WWDC 2012?

San Francisco, Monday, June 11, 8 pm local time - this is the place and time of the start of the annual conference Apple hold for its developers. As always, the company has not announced its program, but we have enough indication of what will be presented during the conference. One of the things that overseas media are sure to be presented is the sixth version of the mobile operating system iOS. iOS 6 should offer improved maps include 3D features. It is said also that the new version will Siri available to owners of the iPad. In recent months, there were also rumors of integration with Facebook, as well as small improvements in the Safari browser and email service. (more…)

Apple WWDC 2012 Coming on June 11, Tickets Sold Out in 2 Hours

This year, world conference on Mac OS and iOS developers will be held from 11 to 15 June, Moscone Convention Center. The price of a ticket is $ 1,600. Valuable papers, however, ended in less than two hours. Last year, tickets ran out in less than a day. Without giving much information about the event, Phil Schiller, vice president of Global Marketing, mentioned guidelines and topics: (more…)

Camera in iOS 5 has a hidden panorama mode

Camera in iOS 5 is equipped with some interesting additions but one of them has not been revealed by Apple. It turns out that it has a mode for taking panorama shots that is not activated for the users. This system is already built into the camera application on Windows Phone Mango and Android Ice Cream Sandwich. However, the good news is that the hidden feature of iOS 5 can be activated manually but you need an account for software author. Soon this process will be facilitated and will be done through self-administration, which will be available on unlocked phones. (more…)

Many users received an error message when upgrading to iOS 5

Following the release of new iCloud oriented versions of Mac OS X, iTunes and Apple iOS forums are filled with posts of users reporting problems with the update of the company's mobile devices to iOS 5. Most users report the occurrence of an error when downloaded new mobile operating system is trying to backup the current version of iOS or after you install when the backup starts to be used as a data source from which to restore the settings and information to the user. Some owners of the devices reported that they received error messages at the stage of installing the operating system, resulting in their iPhone, iPod or iPad becoming unusable. Others write that error occurred when installation is complete. (more…)

iOS 5 coming on October 12

October 12th is the day that consumers of iPhone (3GS, 4 and 4S), iPad (1 and 2) and iPod touch (3 and 4 generation) will be free to install the latest version of iOS - iOS 5. At the same time will work and service iCloud. For some time the platform was available to the authors of the software but will now reach to end users who can benefit from more than 200 new features - among them the integration of Twitter, Newsstand, Reminders, iMessage, sync via Wi-Fi, Find My Friends, duplication screen iPad 2 and iPhone 4S AirPlay in a new center for notifications. But Siri voice service is only available for iPhone 4S.

Apple hired a hacker that crack their iOS

Interesting, but necessary move for Apple - the California company assigned Nicholas Allegra as an employer. Also known as "Comex", 19-year-old hacker has become extremely popular with site that allows incredible facilitating the circumvention of iOS operating system. Through the site, anyone who has basic knowledge can break the protection of iOS and get instant access to the filesystem. Comex only official said on Twitter account that goes to the "good side": "So, the week after next I will be starting an internship with Apple." (And so, after 2 weeks of starting a partnership with Apple) 175,000's people who follow a microblogging Allegra are certainly disappointed, but the deal is essential for Apple, who constantly seek ways to close holes jailbreak, causing them huge losses.