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Gaming accessory for iPhone and iPod Touch

PosiMotion submitted their gaming accessory for iPhone and iPod touch in early December 2009 but only now the device, called Helix, is released on the market. The price is $20 and PosiMotion promise that is suitable for operation at any orientation of the screen. Moreover, the cable will keep your headphones tangle, which is an additional plus.

Prince of Persia Classic released for iPhone

Probably has something to do with the forthcoming high-profile film, but rather the owners of the iPhone will have a nostalgic meeting with one of the best games for mobile platforms ever created. Iglezhda Prince of Persia classic will be in the App Store sometime in late June. For those unfamiliar with the game, Prince of Persia is a platform title that came to light during the 80's along with other classic games like Super Mario Brothers, but clearly distinguished from them because of its beautiful graphics, smooth animation and rewarding battle system. A team of Ubisoft will take care to leave the game for the iPhone, but there a whole new generation of gamers' s to come. prince of persia classic game

OnLive Service Let You Play Crysis on iPhone

New service will allow iPhone owners to transfer game running on their computer directly to their mobile device. During the DICE Summit, OnLive showed how the game will be streaming from PC to Apple's smartphone. The new technology allows to run Crysis "quickly and smoothly" as the game goes and renders on computer that sends images to the phone and it returns in the opposite direction of the management. In fact it may be more difficult because there are many factors that impede the normal control. OnLive will be limited to the iPhone and will probably be used on tablets - maybe we'll see this technology and the iPad.

GT Racing Game for iPhone

The iPhone's tilt controls seem to be a natural fit for racing games, and while there are already quite a few amazing racers on the platform, it sounds like GT Racing will feature by far the most included licensed content between both real tracks and cars. The release date of GT Racing is uncertain, but we'll be keeping an eye out for news from Gameloft regarding its status.

Avatar Game for iPhone is Already in AppStore

Earlier in December 2009 the game by the new James Cameron film Avatar came in versions for PC and console but from yesterday on it is available for owners of iPhone too by the software company Gameloft. In the Avatar game you will be able to dive into the magical world of Pandora by playing the role of a tribe or human Na'vi infantryman. The game provides 16 levels that will send you in a lot of different places - from dark mines and military bases to beautiful waterfalls and jungles. You can watch the trailer to see exactly how it looks the game which comes in AppStore for $9.99 but unfortunately still no demo. But if you are already in the world of Pandora by your iPhone you'll be happy to share our impressions.