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iPhone – Applications for Digital Signage Interactivity

Apple IPhone6When Steve Jobs first stood on a stage and brought up a full-scale version of the New York Times on the iPhone prototype the media reported the world of cell phones would change. Gone would be the days of cell phones providing web interaction through rudimentary websites, and being fundamentally limited in the amount of content their users could interact with. A new age for the smart phone had arrived. Many smaller changes in the time since the debut of the iPhone have gone unnoticed. These technologies have enabled businesses, governments, and other organizations to become more effective in their delivery of products and services. In fact iPhone technology has allowed greater user interactivity using a range of apps and QR codes. For digital signage it meant it was now possible for the customer to interact with the sign, and gain a deeper understanding of the product or

iPhone learn to identify trees

New application for the iPhone that launched the company Apple, determines the type of tree, along which you walk. For this purpose, you need only the application LeafSnap. The first step your smartphone to determine tree is to capture its leaves. Then leave all to the application and it'll quickly and reliably determine its precise form, using the algorithm developed by experts at Columbia University and their colleagues at the University of Maryland. The algorithm is similar to that used for face recognition. Then the application compares the information received with the database for different types of trees. However, if LeafSnap can not decide unambiguously the type of tree, offset by offering its holder more information about the closest matches to display the picture. If you're curious your smartphone will tell you where the trees grow that most resemble what you care what their seeds look like and their colors, etc. (more…)

Twitter for iPhone and iPad with new features

Twitter updated its official iPhone/iPad apps on Thursday, offering improved and enhanced photo options, auto-url shortening and the ability to easily follow friends via the contacts in your address book. • New Photo Options There is now a camera button in the new tweet toolbar, which makes it easy to add photos from the library or to take a new photo using the built-in iPhone camera. (more…)

Google Translate app for iPhone

Back in August 2008, Google launched a Google Translate HTML5 web app for iPhone. Now, the official Google Translate for iPhone app is available for download from App Store. The new app has all of the features of the web app and some significant new additions designed to improve the overall translation experience. • Speak to translate • Listen to your translations • Full-screen mode (more…)

Skype for iPhone Adds Support for Video Calling

A small but quite interesting update to Skype app for iPhone got pushed out today. Version 3.0.1 builds on the video calling capability that was added in December by adding support for a wider range of Skype clients and devices, including Skype for TV. If the idea of making a video call from some far corner of the world to a family TV sounds good to you, you will need a TV that specifically supports Skype. A number of Panasonic and Samsung sets will do the job, while a compatible webcam is required too.

Viber – iPhone app for making free voice calls

If you haven't yet heard about Viber or don't have a clear idea of what serves the application, then here is a brief explanation. Viber is a free VOIP (Voice Over IP) client for the iPhone, which lets you make voice calls to other users of the client directly from your iPhone. It's necessary for the device to have active WiFi connection or have a mobile internet package (recommended for effective use of your iPhone), since the talks actually go through the Internet. For now the application is available only to users of the iPhone, accordingly, discussions could be held between the phones installed on them Viber and available Internet connectivity. From Viber claim that the quality assurance of their voice service is better than what the network provides the mobile operators, which is undoubtedly a plus, without requiring the generation of much more mobile traffic. Another plus is that the application is completely free