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Next iPad Might Be Flexible

Apple plans to launch a flexible iPad with a panel of organic light emitting diode (OLED), claims Korea Times. The publication is citing sources from Samsung, according to which is ongoing development of OLED displays on a large order, perhaps by Apple. It is expected that mass production of OLED screens to begin this year and the end to be delivered batch of 1 million displays. (more…)

Lifedge Case Makes iPad Waterproof and Shock Resistant

Scanstrut company introduced a new case for the iPad, which makes it water and shock resistant. The cover has a coefficient of resistance IP67, which means it will save your tablet in half-hour stay under water a meter or a fall onto concrete from a height of one meter. The case is called Lifedge by international company Scanstrut herald a brand new product line. So far, the company was known primarily as a producer of technologies and products designed to protect equipment used underwater. In this case for iPad Scanstrut will try to get a name and other niche markets and to expand its portfolio to include products that allow safe use of our technology in all conditions, not just water. (more…)

iPad mini will cost less than $300

Apple will release this year, smaller version of your iPad. Mini tablet, expected in Q3 will cost between $250 and $300, according to various internet sources referring to the Chinese edition With such low price, Apple hopes to attract iPad mini buyers in expense of competitors Amazon Kindle Fire and Windows 8 tablets. (more…)

98% of new iPad users are happy with purchase

Record results on user satisfaction with new Apple iPad. 82% of people who bought it, indicating that they are very happy with it. 16% say they are satisfied and 2% - not satisfied. If we consider only satisfied, we note progress against the previous iPad - then generally they were 97%, but distributed more toward "just satisfied" - 23% versus 74% ... Problems with temperature? 89% say they never noticed that. 7% believe that heat can not pinpoint a problem, 4% say that warming could be though a problem, and 0% thought that heat was a big problem. (more…)

3 million new iPad sold in three days

Sales of new iPad in the first three days of placing the tablet on the market reached 3 million units, claim Apple. The company did not specify whether this figure includes pre-ordered devices. The market debut of the new iPad is the most successful in history of the tablet, said marketing director Philip Schiller. For comparison, iPad 2 reached sales of 500,000 pieces in its debut week, the first iPad sold 300,000 units in one day. (more…)

New iPad Components Are Worth $316

Among the required analyzes of new devices entering the market, Apple's already have an overview of components, which are under the hull of the products and calculation of production costs. iSuppli now prepared the accounts for the latest iPad. The agency said production costs for the Apple tablet have increased by 21-25%, but as we begin to see themselves, this has not affected the price of the device for end users, and has affected the profit margins of the company, which is lower. The agency said the American company has paid a $ 316 iPad each of the last generation. This price is only $ 6 more than predicted by UBM, before it became clear what exactly are the components under the shell of the tablet. (more…)

Increasing number of complaints of the new iPad overheating

It seems that the new tablet iPad, which Apple released on sale on March 16, proved to be "hot" in every sense of the word - they are not only buying like hotcakes, but strongly overheated. Since last complain more "happy" owners of the new device, which lively debate issues in various forums on the Internet. Resource SlashGear, who reported complaints of the owners of the new offspring of the American company has also faced the problem of overheating during testing of the third generation iPad. It is noted that the lower left corner of the tablet gets very hot when the device performs tasks that require large load on the GPU. In particular, this occurs during playback of video resolution Full HD. The model, however, is heated and the use of modems and 3G LTE, and if it has long been a charge. (more…)

Hundreds of Japanese Queued for a new iPad

At the Apple Store in the shopping district Ginza, hundreds lined up before the store opened at 8 am. Many people in the queue are "veterans" of previous openings of Apple, and the event itself was a carnival atmosphere. The first, which scooped up the new tablet was Rayo Watanabe, student. He bought a Wi-Fi version with 16GB. Watanabe said he waited 36 hours in front of the store to secure a place on the first line after the last year was 14th in the list to purchase the iPad 2. (more…)

New iPad 32GB LTE components is worth $375,1

The cost of a number of new iPad tablet LTE version and 32 GB of memory is $375,1, experts estimated from analyst firm IHS iSuppli. Of materials and components accounted for $364.35, while the remaining $10.75 goes to production. The model with 64 GB of cost Apple $397,95, without considering the cost of production. The most expensive model - with LTE and 64 GB worth $408.7 and cheapest - with 16 GB, no LTE is estimated at $316. These prices do not include the cost of production, marketing, licensing fees and more. (more…)