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Facebook for iPad is already in the App Store

After countless delays, problems, rumors, "leaking" screenshots and speculation finally came the official version of Facebook app for Apple iPad. The pleasant part of the news is that the application is very simple and a lot of annoying elements on the browser version are removed, but the vision is very new and very comfortable ... The version for iPhone and iPod touch is also updated, so if you have any of these devices don't wait any longer, but download the free program from iTunes:

iPad with more than 100,000 apps

Apple continues to expand its lead in the market for tablets and built ever more magnificent ecosystem, which in turn attract new users for devices and services of the company. One years and two months after market launch of the iPad and sold over 25 million devices (including iPad 2) applications that are designed specifically for Apple's tablet are already over 100 000. Of course, not all of them deserve attention, but competitors still have a lot to catch up.

Adobe Photoshop for iPad

The software company Adobe has shown a demo for the iPad of its popular Photoshop products during the conference Photoshop World. Screenshots of the new software are published on the site Unlike Photoshop Express, which is mostly limited to the use of different filters iPad edition of the software offers complete work with layers, moving and transforming images. (more…)

Twitter for iPhone and iPad with new features

Twitter updated its official iPhone/iPad apps on Thursday, offering improved and enhanced photo options, auto-url shortening and the ability to easily follow friends via the contacts in your address book. • New Photo Options There is now a camera button in the new tweet toolbar, which makes it easy to add photos from the library or to take a new photo using the built-in iPhone camera. (more…)

One third of iPad users never download apps

According to research company Nielsen, covered 5000 iPad users, a third of the holders of the device never have downloaded even one application (app), whether paid or free. Since the debut of the tablet at the beginning of April to the last financial quarter, Apple sold about 7.46 million units. According to Nielsen, 2.5 million of them are not used for applications. However, that hardly bothers Apple too much - the average price of the towable applications iPad is 4.49 dollars, and if those 2.5 million users have downloaded at least one of them, the amount collected would be less than $10 million. Of these, however, Apple would receive around 3 million. However, this is a drop in the sea for the corporation, which reported revenue of 20.34 billion dollars last three months, which equates to over $ 4billion net profits.