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Apple iPhone 5S review

Apple iPhone5SWatching Apple iPhone 5s there is a big chance to mess it with the iPhone 5. The reason is that the size of the hull (123.8 mm x 58.6 mm x 7.6 mm) are identical to those of the iPhone 5, but also the weight is the same - 112 g, although most of the components in it differ than in its predecessor. The only impression, which can be found is the lack of square figure in the center of Home-button, which occurs in all generations before. The reason it is missing in the new iPhone 5s TouchID sensor. If you want to use all the functions of your smartphone worldwide, definitely will need program to unlock it, as only Official iPhone IMEI Unlock will give you the needed quality and safety. The display of the iPhone 5s is capacitive IPS with LED backlight and is

Analysts predict that Apple will lose some of their positions in 2012

Investor's Business Daily publishes interesting analysis of market trends we can expect in 2012 According to the agency all companies in the world experiencing different cycles of development and in the ensuing years forecast that Apple will finally lose some of its charm for consumers. Expectations are that Android will gain more momentum and market positions, which will overshadow the presence of Apple. Among the more predictable trends in the new year is the information that Google+ will hardly be able to regain the lead, which has a Facebook social network. As in previous attempts with Google Wave and Buzz, Google+ never a particularly active users. (more…)

VIA wants to forbid sales of iPhone and iPad

Taiwan developer of x86-compatible microprocessors VIA Technologies filed a lawsuit against Group Apple, which claims that the U.S. company violates patents of VIA. Representatives of Taiwanese manufacturers claim that Apple uses controversial developments in the Apple TV, iPad, iPod and iPhone, as well as software that the products work with. Reported that the patents describe methods of transmission, processing and data management products in the chip. Action on behalf of VIA was made simultaneously in International Trade Commission and the U.S. in American courts. (more…)

Steve Jobs resigned as head of Apple

The title is not an April joke - Apple released a letter announcing that Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple. Jobs stated that they always knew that there will be a moment of separation from the leading position, as can't fulfill its obligations and that day has come. "I would like to continue to serve if the board of directors decides that I - as chairman, director or regular employee of Apple." - Jobs wrote. The letter recommended Tim Cook for a new CEO. So far this is all information available, but most likely the sudden decision is related to the health of Steve Jobs, who this year is on leave for medical reasons.