iPhone – Applications for Digital Signage Interactivity

Apple IPhone6When Steve Jobs first stood on a stage and brought up a full-scale version of the New York Times on the iPhone prototype the media reported the world of cell phones would change. Gone would be the days of cell phones providing web interaction through rudimentary websites, and being fundamentally limited in the amount of content their users could interact with. A new age for the smart phone had arrived. Many smaller changes in the time since the debut of the iPhone have gone unnoticed. These technologies have enabled businesses, governments, and other organizations to become more effective in their delivery of products and services. In fact iPhone technology has allowed greater user interactivity using a range of apps and QR codes. For digital signage it meant it was now possible for the customer to interact with the sign, and gain a deeper understanding of the product or

Protect Your Brand New iPhone With A Customized Decal This Year

If you received a brand new smartphone for Christmas, you’re probably thrilled. The new iPhone 6 has a larger screen than ever before, a brand new camera and cool new storage capabilities. Whether you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get more into podcasts, start an Instagram account or just post more flattering selfies, a brand new iPhone can help. Of course, they also act as a personal motivation tool to help you stay focused on your personal goals and commitments in the New Year. You should protect your new phone with the customized accessories that can make your life way easier. A portable charger can be slipped into your purse or jacket for on-the-go charging that doesn’t require a plug. (It’s also incredible handy should your phone suddenly die during a pivotal moment.) Brand new headphones come in various styles, including ones with Bluetooth capabilities, during the winter months. And lastly, you should

The Mobile App with Plenty of Shake, Rattle & Roll

mobile app Everyone is always searching for a mobile casino app that packs a punch. Far too many gaming companies claim that their mobile platforms are superior to their competitors, but they fall short. Many people assume that the hallmark of a quality mobile app is reliability, but there is so much more that needs to be taken into account. As a case in point, consider CaesarsCasino.com – the benchmark of excellence for New Jersey online gaming. This online casino hit the ground running in November 2013, and it now offers a mobile gaming platform that mirrors its PC-based client.

Features of the Caesars Online Casino Mobile Platform

First off, the mobile app can be freely downloaded at the App Store and the Google play store. It is compatible with a wide range of mobile smartphones, tablets and phablets – much to the satisfaction of an increasingly

Why the iPhone6 is easier to repair than Samsung Galaxy5

iphone5sOne of the most frustrating experiences of modern life is cracking the glass on one's mobile phone after accidentally dropping it on the ground. With Apple's new release of another iPhone, the iPhone6, which has been getting some bad press for being too flexible, the folks at Fixpod, and iPhone repair shop in Sydney, wanted to determine whether or not the phone would also be more complicated to repair than Samsung's popular Galaxy5s. Once they tore down both devices and compared them side-by-side, the team was surprised to see that the iPhone6--Apple's first redesign in two years--was not only more powerful, but also easier to work with than earlier versions of Apple phones. They discovered that the touch ID cable has been moved and that the battery was easy to get to and remove; these design choices make is less complex to repair than a

What specifications and features a good photo editing software must have?

photo editor Photography is an art to seize the beautiful moments of life & nature into photographs. Carving these photos for a perfect finish requires a photo editor. A good photo editor facilitates in making a photograph nothing less to perfect. Photo editing becomes a lot much easier with powerful editors from providers like movavi. They provide easy to use photo editors than don’t need any professional editing skills to use. Using photosuite, a photo editing software by movavi, an amateur can edit photographs that seem highly professional. Good effects add a glimmer to the photographs. A good photo editing software provides various effects that can be applied to a photograph. Operations like resizing and cropping a photograph can be performed professionally with these editors. Apart from that, one can also fix the contrast, white balance and brightness of the pictures by just a single tool which automatically

5 Tips for iPhone 5 Users

iphone5The Apple brand is one of the well-known phone brands in the world. It is acclaimed for being impeccable and classy and one of its best products is the iPhone, which most of the people are preferring than other brands of phones. But then, if you are still not getting used to the features that iPhone5 have, there is no need to worry because here are tips on how to make the best out of your iPhone 5.
  1. Security
It is a good idea to have a password on your iPhone so that other people will be restricted from touching your phone and intruding into your personal life. All you need to do is to go to Setting, click on General, and then the Passcode Unlock. If you want to set the auto-lock time of your phone just go to Setting again and click General. This will help

Apple iPhone 5S review

Apple iPhone5SWatching Apple iPhone 5s there is a big chance to mess it with the iPhone 5. The reason is that the size of the hull (123.8 mm x 58.6 mm x 7.6 mm) are identical to those of the iPhone 5, but also the weight is the same - 112 g, although most of the components in it differ than in its predecessor. The only impression, which can be found is the lack of square figure in the center of Home-button, which occurs in all generations before. The reason it is missing in the new iPhone 5s TouchID sensor. If you want to use all the functions of your smartphone worldwide, definitely will need program to unlock it, as only Official iPhone IMEI Unlock will give you the needed quality and safety. The display of the iPhone 5s is capacitive IPS with LED backlight and is

iPhone 5s Music Transmitter + Wireless Handsfree Kit

iPhone 5SiPhone 5s Music Transmitter + Wireless Handsfree Kit is a brand-new and cutting edge cellular phone accessory that enables you to use your existing vehicle speakers as a hands cost-free phone. It is a phenomenal cellular phone adapter that is created to work with any cell phone and any automobile. The intro of this invaluable accessory has made the demand for spending hundreds on a hands cost-free phone system outdated. Enjoy wireless convenience. Easily connect iPad to any car radio even if you have an older car with cd player or just a tape deck. FM transmitter for iPad works with any FM radio. Simply plug and play! This device works by just picking up a FM frequency and transmits from there. Its ease of use also corresponds to its compact design. There is no need to install any additional accessory, no need to download an app,


Sony NEX-3NLBThe new Sony NEX-3NLB is wonderful and easy for usage technology. It is small and compact with interchangeable lenses, which may give additional power to the device. Sony NEX-3NLB is just new mirrorless system camera on the market proper mostly for beginners in photography. The camera has 16.1 megapixel photosensitive Exmor APR HD CMOS sensor and integrated flash. The new Sony NEX-3NLB Systemkamera has two SD card slots and one Sony storage medium in mini version, which gives you more space for photos and videos. The device is easy for usage and offers really good option for novice photographers. The camera has image stabilizer OSS E3.5-5.6/PZ 16-50 in the lenses and option for continuous shooting of 4 fps, which helps for better images and photos. (more…)

What’s New in iOS 6

iosApple, in particular Scott Forstall presented new iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. The biggest changes are two. The first is Apple Maps. The rumors proved true and Apple is already offering its map service on account of previously used Google Maps. Available navigation, Siri integration and 3D visualization. In recent years, Apple bought three mapping companies: Placebase, Poly9 and C3 Technologies. Second big change is the integration of Facebook. After seeing with Twitter integration in iOS 5, came the biggest social network. iOS users can log into your Facebook profile, your contacts are synchronized as events and birthdays. (more…)